DK with High Scores can Win the Summer

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“DK with High Scores can Win the Summer”... Showmaker Showing Confidence [Lee Joo-hyun’s Login E-sports]


Interview with Dplus Kia’s ‘Showmaker’ Imaginary Number

Dplus Kia faced a cold spring ahead of the opening of the 2023 LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea) spring season.

This is because jungler Kim Geon-bu “Canyon”, who had been with the team’s predecessor, Damwon Gaming, from the beginning, was let go.

Kim Geon-bu was a jungler for Diffl Kia and was a star who shared the team's history, including winning the LCK and the 2020 League of Legends World Championship (Worlds).

Diploma Kia fans were anxious, fearing that the team's centerpiece, 'Showmaker' Heo Soo, would also leave. 바카라사이트

However, Heo Soo dispelled such concerns by signing a three-year contract renewal at the end of last year ahead of the spring season.

Diffl Kia, which established the team's core, succeeded in advancing to the spring playoffs despite Kim Geon-bu's absence.

After defeating KT Rolster in the first round, they advanced to the second round, but faced spring champion Gen.G Esports and lost in a close match that went to 5 sets.

Heo Su, who was interviewed by the Korea Economic Daily ahead of the opening of the LCK Summer Split, expressed his confidence in the summer season along with his regrets about the spring.

When asked about his goals for the summer season, Heo Su expressed his bold aspirations, saying, “Our team (Dplus Kia) may have low lows, but high highs,” and “I think we can even win (LCK Summer).”

He continued, “(For this), it is important not to be overturned in an advantageous game,” and added, “The most necessary change is to calculate profit and loss and use the advantage well when it is advantageous.”

Deflation Kia, which finished in 5th place with 9 wins and 9 losses in the regular season of the last spring split, defeated KT in the multi-game playoffs and showed a close performance against Gen.G.

When asked why he performed better on the big stage, Heo Soo said, “I think we figured out the combinations and plays that our team was good at amidst the failures during the regular league.”

“By combining this, we were able to show a better image.”

Heo Soo also spoke candidly about the vacancy of Kim Gun-bu, who has been with him since his debut.

He said calmly, “I’ve been with (Kim Geon-bu) for a long time, but I was sad to hear that he was leaving, and I hoped that each of us would do well on the team.”

They also expressed their expectations for jungler Choi ‘Lucid’ Yong-hyeok, who is working in place of Kim Geon-bu.

He said, “(Lucid) is a big hexagon-like player who doesn’t have a champion that he can’t play,” and expressed his belief that “he will grow into a more fearsome player in the future.”

Heo Soo chose Gen.G and T1 as the teams to be most wary of in the summer season.

Gen.G not only won this year's LCK Spring, but also won the 2024 MSI (Mid-Season Invitational) held in Chengdu, China.

T1 ranked runner-up in spring and third place in MSI.

In addition, he said about the recent increase in international League of Legends competitions such as the Asian Games and the Saudi e-Sports World Cup.

“I view it positively because it creates new opportunities for professional gamers,” and added, “I feel motivated, and I am able to perform well in many competitions.”

“I want to participate,” he said.

Lastly, Heo Soo said, “We will work hard to become a more fearsome team in the summer season than in the spring,” and expressed his determination.

“We will achieve good results and advance to Worlds with the goal of winning.”

He then did not forget to thank his fans, saying, “Thank you for always supporting me.”