Femki Ball Wins the World Indoor Championships

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Tentoglu, the men's long jumper, won the competition for the third time in a row after competing with rookie Purlani.

Femki Ball (24, Netherlands) broke the world record again and won the women's 400m gold medal at the 2024 World Indoor Athletics Championships.

Ball crossed the finish line in 49.17 seconds in the women's 400m final held at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow, Scotland on the 3rd (Korean time).

The gap with Ricky Claver (Netherlands), who took second place at 50.16 seconds, was quite large. 카지노사이트킹

49.17 seconds is also a new world record, 0.07 seconds shorter than Ball's time of 49.24 on the 19th of last month.

Last February, with a time of 49.26 seconds, she surpassed the 49.59 mark set by Djamila Kratochvilova in 1982 as a Czechoslovakian by 0.33 seconds, and changed the indoor women's 400m record for the first time in 41 years.

Ball's speed is gradually increasing, and she has won 1-3 in this event.

He became the athlete who holds all of the above records (49.17, 49.24, and 49.27).

Ball, who took second place at the 2022 Belgrade World Indoor Championships after Shone Miller-Uibo (Bahamas), also won her first personal World Indoor Championships gold medal on this day.

Ball's main event is the 400m hurdles.

At the 2023 Budapest Outdoor World Championships, she became the women's 400m hurdles champion.

Ball's next goal is 'Olympic gold'.

Ball placed third in the women's 400m hurdles at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Sydney McLaughlin (USA), the ‘best athlete of all time’, is holding on in the women’s 400m hurdles.

McLaughlin won both the Tokyo Olympics and the 2022 Eugene World Championships, setting new world records.

At last year's World Championships in Budapest, it was announced that he would participate in the 400m instead of the 400m hurdles, but he did not participate, saying, "I will concentrate on the Paris Olympics."

McLaughlin has yet to play an official match since July of last year.

Many track and field fans are looking forward to a real match between McLaughlin, who is quietly preparing for the Paris Olympics, and Ball, who has increased his speed since the indoor season.

There is also a possibility that Ball and McLaughlin will attempt the '400m hurdles and 400m parallel' at the Paris Olympics.

Ball, who won the World Indoor Championships by setting a new world record and taking home a record prize of $50,000 (about 67 million won) and a championship prize of $40,000 (about 53 million won), said in an interview with Reuters.

"The coach said, '“They encouraged me to break the world record by saying, ‘You can run faster,’ but honestly, I just wanted to take first place,” he said, laughing, adding, “I haven’t jumped over a hurdle in the last four weeks.

It’s really comfortable not having to jump over a hurdle.”

Karsten Barholm (Norway), the 'men's 400m hurdles world record holder' who competed in the men's 400m finals, came in second place with 45.34 seconds, following Alexander Doom (Belgium) who ran 45.25 seconds.

Doom became the first Belgian to become the men's 400m champion at the World Indoor Championships.

Grant Holloway (USA) set a new competition record of 7.29 seconds (previously 7.34 seconds) in the men's 60m hurdles, achieving his second consecutive victory in the competition.

Hugues Fabrice Django (Burkina Faso) won the men's triple jump by jumping 17m 53m.

Django, who brought Burkina Faso its first ever outdoor World Athletics Championships gold medal in Budapest last year, was also recorded as the first World Indoor Championships gold medalist from Burkina Faso.

In the men's long jump, 'active best' Miltiadis Tentoglu (Greece) competed with promising 2005-born Mattia Purlani (Italy) and succeeded in winning the competition for the third time in a row.

In the 1st to 6th periods, Tenkoglu and Purlani's best record was the same at 8m22.

If the best time in the long jump is the same, the ranking is decided by the second best time.

Tentoglu's second best record of the day was 8m 19, and Purlani's record was 8m 10.

Josh Kerr (Great Britain), born in Scotland, took the top spot in the men's 3,000m with a time of 7 minutes 42.98 seconds, supported by home fans.

Kerr won the men's 1,500m at the Budapest Outdoor World Championships last year, beating Jacob Ingebrigtsen (Norway).

It was a result that was considered the biggest upset of the tournament at the time.

In this competition, where he entered as a 'favorite', Kerr had the honor of becoming the first British athlete to win the men's 3,000m at the World Indoor Championships.

In the women's 60m final, Julien Alfred (St. Lucia) won the title with a time of 6.98 seconds, beating Eva Sverboda (Poland) with a time of 7.02 seconds by 0.02 seconds.

Alfred is the first athlete from Saint Lucia to reach the podium at the World Indoor Athletics Championships.

Men's high jumper Woo Sang-hyuk (Yongin City Hall), who became the first Korean track and field World Indoor Championships champion at the 2022 Belgrade Games, will challenge for his second consecutive title at 8:50 pm on the 3rd, Korean time.