Go Woo-seok, Eliminated from the Seoul Series Roster

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Go Woo-seok, Who was Eliminated from the Seoul Series Roster said, "I was Prepared for the Minors... I'll Try Again"



I'm a professional player... I have to stick to my skills without considering special situations.

Ko Woo-seok (25) starts his first year in American professional baseball not in the Major League (MLB) but in the minor league Triple A.

He will not be able to pitch in the highly anticipated opening two games of the Seoul Series.

Go Woo-seok, who met with Yonhap News in the locker room of Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 20th when the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers will play the 2024 MLB opening game, said, "I heard yesterday (19th) that I was omitted from the Seoul Series roster," and "Coach Mike Silt said, “He told me to prepare well (at Triple A),” he said.

Go Woo-seok’s expression was inevitably dark. 카지노사이트

San Diego announced its 26-member Seoul Series roster on the morning of the 20th.

The name of right-handed bullpen Go Woo-seok was omitted.

San Diego arrived in Seoul on the 15th with 31 players on a chartered plane.

Go Woo-seok was not included in the 26-member roster for the opening game, which was decided after training and two evaluation matches from the 16th to the 19th.

San Diego announced, “We are sending Go Woo-seok to the minor league Triple A El Paso Chihuahuas.”

Go Woo-seok, who began his professional career by being first drafted by the LG Twins of the Korean Professional Baseball League in 2017, signed a 2+1 year contract with San Diego for up to $9.4 million on January 4 this year.

The contract included the right to veto minor league relegation in 2025, but the right to veto cannot be exercised this season.

Go Woo-seok struggled in MLB exhibition games with an ERA of 12.46 (8 hits, 6 runs in 4⅓ innings) in 5 games, and in an evaluation match against LG, his former team, held at Gocheok Dome on the 18th, he hit 2 hits, including a two-run home run, and gave up 2 runs in one inning. did.

San Diego started Go Woo-seok, who needs to adapt to a new environment, in the minor league this year.

Go Woo-seok also had a feeling that he would be eliminated from the Seoul Series roster.

Go Woo-seok said, "I had the idea that I could open the season in the minor league.

I was prepared to live in the minor league," and "I still have the mindset that I need to become a better pitcher to become a full-time major leaguer.

(Entering the big league) “I will continue to work hard for this,” he said.

The San Diego team understands Go Woo-seok’s special situation.

San Diego pitching coach Ruben Niebla said, “I understand Ko Woo-seok’s special situation,” and added, “Because he traveled back and forth between Korea and the U.S. in a short period of time, his training time was shorter than other players, and he did not have enough time to adapt to MLB’s official ball.

He signed a one-year contract. “It’s not just one player, so you just have to be patient and prepare,” he said.

Coach Niebla said Go Woo-seok often travels long distances in a short period of time, such as going back and forth between Korea and the United States in January for a contract and physical examination, leaving for the United States in February to join spring camp, and returning to Korea in March to participate in the Seoul Series.

Flying was cited as the reason for Go Woo-seok's poor performance in exhibition games.

These words may have been a source of strength to Go Woo-seok, but he took a more calm view of the reality and strengthened his resolve again.

Go Woo-seok said calmly, "Everyone has their own circumstances.

Other minor league players are also trying to enter the big league.

I am also a professional player.

I have to make sure I stick to my skills."

In response to the comment, “I look forward to seeing many Korean fans pitching in the big leagues,” Go Woo-seok pledged, “I will do my best to make that happen.”