Similar Situation to Last Year, Why is Ahn Chi-hong Safe

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SSG "Similar Situation to Last Year, Why is Ahn Chi-hong Safe"... Request an Explanation from KBO


On the 25th, when Hanwha's Chae Eun-seong's batting was changed from 'out' to 'hit', there was a difference of opinion on 'reassignment of runners'.

Professional baseball team SSG Landers sent an official letter to the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) requesting ‘an explanation regarding the decision.’

An SSG official said on the 26th, "The situation was similar between the LG Twins game on September 21st last year and the Hanwha Eagles game on May 25th this year.

Why was Han Yu-seom, the runner on first base, called out on September 21st, and this time, Ahn Chi-hong advanced to second base?" 파워볼게임

“We need an explanation as to whether this was allowed,” he said, adding, “We sent an official letter to the KBO after the game ended on the 25th.”

In a game held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 25th, Hanwha Chae Eun-seong sent a ball to the right outfield with one out and first base in the top of the sixth inning, and SSG right fielder Ha Jae-hoon threw his body.

The referee's first decision was 'out'.

Hanwha first base runner Ahn Chi-hong, who was watching the batted ball, stayed at first base.

Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho requested a video review, and the decision was overturned as a 'hit'.

Umpire Park Ki-taek placed batter Chae Eun-seong on first base and first base runner Ahn Chi-hong on second base.

Manager Lee Soong-yong viewed this batted ball as a ‘ground ball in front of the right fielder.’

SSG's judgment was that Ahn Chi-hong stayed near first base before being called out, so even if Ha Jae-hoon missed the ball, he could have caught the runner heading to second base.

However, the umpire explained that if the ruling had been fair, first base runner Ahn Chi-hong would have been able to reach second base.

KBO League Regulations Article 28, Video Review Paragraph 12 states, ‘Managers and club officials who protest against the decisions of the referee team leader regarding the assignment of runner positions, declaration of runners out, scoring, or nullification of scores shall be automatically ordered to leave.’

In the end, coach Lee Soong-yong was sent off.

SSG expressed resentment recalling the game against the LG Twins on September 21, 2023.

At that time, with bases loaded and one out in the bottom of the 8th inning against Incheon LG, SSG Park Seong-han's batted ball hit the first base umpire.

The first base umpire declared a 'foul' and 'ball dead', meaning a temporary stoppage of the game, and first base runner Han Yu-seom stopped at first base after only seeing the umpire's decision.

After video review, the decision on this hit was overturned as ‘fair’.

The umpire judged that Han Yu-seom, the runner on first base who did not run to second base, would have been out at second base even if a 'fair decision' had been made, so 'the runner on third base was recognized for scoring and the runners were reassigned to first and third base with two outs.'

SSG manager Kim Won-hyeong at the time was ejected after protesting that runners should be rearranged due to a 'one-out, bases-loaded situation', saying, 'If a fair decision had been made, Hanyu Island would have reached second base.'

SSG owner Jeong Yong-jin also visited the KBO the next day to protest.