Ji So-yeon, The ‘Best’ in Women’s Soccer

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Ji So-yeon, the ‘best’ in women’s soccer, on the American stage, “I wonder why she left now?”


“My juniors, not me, should be playing in places like this… I hope they come out with more success”

‘Calm-faced’ despite a complete win in the Philippines friendly… “It’s not the time to laugh… I hope the juniors come to their senses.”

“I was surprised.

I wondered why I had come to this stage only now." 카지노사이트

For Ji So-yeon (33, Seattle Reign), a 'living legend' of women's soccer who has spent 8 years in Europe alone and over 10 years in overseas leagues including Japan, the world's best, the United States, seems to be a 'new world'.

2011 Japanese Child Ji So-yeon, who made her professional debut at Nak Kobe, played for Chelsea Women in England from 2014 to 2022, leading Chelsea to win 6 league titles, 4 FA Cups, 2 League Cups, and 1 Community Shield in 2021.

After finishing the 2022 season, he played in the WK League wearing a Suwon FC uniform, and signed a contract with Seattle Reign in January of this year to take on a new challenge in the National Women's Professional Soccer (NWSL).

Ji So-yeon, whom we met at Icheon Sports Complex on the 5th when the national team friendly match against the Philippines was held, said about life in the United States, "It is very fun.

Although it is physically difficult, I am very grateful that I can play on the best stage in an advanced country in women's soccer."

He said, "In the American league, there are many outstanding female players who are not part of the national team.

Looking at their skills, they seem to be worthy of playing for the national team, but there are so many good players that even those players cannot play for the national team."

I stuck out my tongue.

Meanwhile, Ji So-yeon confessed, "It's a pity that other (Korean) players should come and play, but since no one can come, I feel this way alone."

Since Ji So-yeon played for Chelsea, the number of Korean female players advancing to Europe has increased, but the majority are still playing in the WK League.

Ji So-yeon said, “It’s been almost 20 years since I was with the national team.

“I know that I am ‘stagnant water’ and that I need to get out quickly,” he said, expressing his regret, saying, “I would feel at ease if my juniors stepped up to the point where I thought, ‘Enough is enough.’

I would feel at ease, but it is confusing.”

“Now, I don’t think I have much time left with the national team”

Ji So-yeon, who said, "I will make my juniors stronger," was also calm about the 3-0 win against the Philippines in the friendly match.

The national team struggled in the first half of the two-game series against the Philippines during this month's international match period, but Choi Yu-ri (Birmingham) won in the second half.

Birmingham City won with consecutive goals by Ji So-yeon and Jang Seul-gi (Gyeongju KHNP).

Ji So-yeon said, "I need to show a better performance, but I was so distracted that I didn't know what I was doing and I was so angry.

It didn't feel good to see the players smiling during a game like this.

It's not the time to laugh..." and "There's still a long way to go"

“I hope you come to your senses,” he said.

The women's soccer team was eliminated in the group stage at last year's Australia-New Zealand Women's World Cup, and was defeated by North Korea in the quarterfinals at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

They failed to advance to the finals in the Asian second qualifying round of the Paris Olympics, failing to advance to the semifinals, and are now playing friendly games this year without any major competitions for the time being.

Ji So-yeon pointed out, "I think there is a problem if our performance is still like this even though we have been playing international matches more consistently than before since coach Colin Bell was appointed," and sighed, "When I went to the U.S., I saw the gap even more, so I don't know how to reduce it."

Ji So-yeon, who scored an additional goal with a free kick in the 31st minute of the second half in the first match against the Philippines, increased her record as the highest scorer among Korean players to 71 goals.

Among these, he scored 7 goals from free kicks and set a new record for the most free kicks scored by a Korean player in an A match, exceeding the 6 goals scored by Son Heung-min (Tottenham) of the men's national team.

Ji So-yeon, who scored a right-footed free kick with an exquisite trajectory that fell just outside the left side of the penalty area, said, "I always take free kicks with confidence.

I liked the opportunity, so I focused on kicking it to set the tone," and declared, "I took it with aim."

He then said, "I think it's the first time I've kicked from the side to that extent," and added, "I tried to match the other players rather than aim at myself, but this time I tried to be a little greedy.

The kids couldn't kick, so I think it would be better to kick like that."

He once again urged his juniors to work hard.

He emphasized, “Veterans cannot all leave the national team at once, and it seems right to hold on for a while and achieve harmony before helping the young players grow and then stepping down,” adding, “More effort is needed from the players.”