Ryu Hyun-jin's Abnormal Signal, If it Exceeds 70 Pitches

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Ryu Hyun-jin's abnormal signal, if it exceeds 70 pitches, it will be a hit... The ball is rushing


Three games in common after returning to the KBO League... Throw well in the beginning, then come back tolife with the keyword ‘Recovery of stamina and control’

The three games in which Ryu Hyun-jin (37, Hanwha Eagles) started as a starter after returning to the KBO League have something in common.

If the number of pitches exceeded a certain number, the control suddenly shook and the player was hit. 바카라사이트

The same situation occurred in the KBO League return match against LG Twins on March 23rd, the second game against KT Wiz on March 29th, and the third game against Kiwoom Heroes on March 5th.

Ryu Hyun-jin pitched well, allowing two runs with two outs in the fourth inning against LG held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul.

Although his control was slightly lacking, he was able to control the LG Kangta line with his unique skill in managing the game.

However, Ryu Hyun-jin was beaten from the moment he threw the 71st pitch.

He allowed three consecutive hits to Park Hae-min, Hong Chang-ki, and Kim Hyun-soo before being forced out.

The home game against KT held at Daejeon Hanwha Life Eagles Park on the 29th of last month was similar.

Ryu Hyun-jin received 4 hits when the number of pitches exceeded 70 pitches.

Ryu Hyun-jin, who had pitched without allowing a run until the fifth inning, allowed consecutive hits to Seong-ho Cheon and Mel Rojas Jr. in the sixth inning, and gave up consecutive timely hits to Baek-ho Kang and Jae-gyun Hwang on first and second base with one out and one out.

The same phenomenon was repeated in the visiting game against Kiwoom held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 5th.

Ryu Hyun-jin, who had pitched 56 pitches and no runs through the fourth inning, gave up a hit to left-center to Kim Hwi-jip and a straight walk to Lee Hyeong-jong in the bottom of the fifth, before catching Song Seong-moon with a fly ball to right field.

Afterwards, Ryu Hyun-jin allowed consecutive hits to a total of 7 batters, starting with Kim Jae-hyun.

The first pitch thrown to Jaehyun Kim was the 68th pitch thrown that day.

Ryu Hyun-jin shows a tendency for his pitch control to fluctuate rapidly when the number of pitches exceeds 70 this season.

His fastball velocity doesn't drop, but the ball is centered.

Poor ball control is considered a phenomenon of physical strength decline, similar to a decrease in fastball velocity.

If Ryu Hyun-jin, who is not a fastball pitcher, loses his pitch control, it will be difficult for him to demonstrate his competitiveness.

A fastball driven in the 140 km/h range is the easiest pitch for KBO League batters to attack.

This is an area that requires consideration not only by Ryu Hyun-jin but also within the Hanwha team.

Ryu Hyun-jin also set various dishonorable records in three games after his return due to poor ball control after 70 pitches.

He did not have a single strikeout in the LG game.

This was the second time in his career that Ryu Hyun-jin failed to strike out a starter in a KBO League game, following the game against the Samsung Lions on September 25, 2007.

In the game against Kiwoom, he allowed 8 hits, 7 consecutive hits, and 9 runs in the 5th inning, all of which are dishonorable records for the most in his personal career.

The previous record for most hits in one inning was 6, recorded in the first inning of a home game against the Doosan Bears on May 29, 2009.

In addition, the most runs allowed in one inning were 6 in the 4th inning of a home game against the LG Twins on April 8, 2011, and 6 in the 1st inning of a home game against the Samsung Lions on July 18, 2012.

It's not just this.

Ryu Hyun-jin even set records for the most runs allowed and the most earned runs in a game.

The previous record for most runs and earned runs was 8 in the game against Samsung on July 18, 2012.